Naoki Takimura

Welcome my homepage. It provides some information about me and my projects.


2012 - 2013 System Enginner, Noes Corporation
2006 - 2012 System Enginner, Primeworks Corporation
2006 Graduate University of Aizu


My research forcused on the mobile phone software and middleware. The mobile phone is a popular micro computer, for listening music, playing game, communicating, and so on. I would like to produce the software and middleware to help many persons to convinient by the mobile phone.

Programming languages

I had studied software development in university. So, I can write a few programming languages. For example, C/C++, Java, Python, Perl, PHP, ActionScript, JavaScript. My most written software is the java mobile application, j2me application, in Java. And, now, I write the android mobile applications.

The other languages are used for the application development tools.

Mobile OS(Operating System)

I have developed the software and middleware on the following Mobile OS.

Software projects

Name Year Summary
Valley HTTP 2013 - Now HTTP network platform beyond mobile network.
Android Nginx 2013 Nginx porting for Android
Sheep and WoolMark 2002 - 2013 Mobile test application, and benchmark application
cordova-gen-icon 2013 Cordova Generate Icon
ngx-hello-world-module 2013 Nginx Module, Just Hello World
HtmlGuard 2013 HTML/CSS/JS Obfuscator
AndroidLogger 2012 - 2013 Android Java Logging API Wrapper
no 2001 no, the joke application

... and more

Computer environment

I use the following computers.


n.takimura [at]